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What we’re all about…

We are here to put the mamas first. Our article topics revolve around preparing and supporting new mums, mums-to-be and seasoned mamas during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period (especially, the fourth trimester).

What we’re looking for…

  • Content that provides our mamas (and their support crew) with clear and helpful information and practical tips they can use to support them on their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.
  • Give readers detailed information and advice so they can feel empowered, confident and informed.
  • Feel free to share personal stories but please ensure names, ages, etc are anonymised.

What we want from you…

  • A short bio (2-3 sentences).
  • Links to your Instagram, Twitter and / or website.
  • Details of any relevant qualifications / training, etc.

What needs to be included…

  • We accept 500+ words.
  • The article should be original content, exclusive to our site, and not plagiarised by any means.
  • The article should be helpful and informative. Feel free to have a sense of humour in the article but keep it kind.
  • Use recent and sourced statistics from reputable organisations / research bodies.
  • Cite any quotes, data, images, or third party content used.

Visual requirements

  • Include relevant screenshots, videos, social media posts, etc.
  • Please try to include a minimum of two visual elements.
  • Images in landscape.
  • We would love it if you could find a way to link back to our older posts that relate to the topic you’re writing about.
  • Links must be relevant and useful for the reader.
  • No repeat backlinks please.

If you want to write for us or have any ideas for content, please contact us at or feel free to slide into our DMs!

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